Regarding 9leap

About 9leap

「9leap」は、若いプログラマーの育成と、文化としてのプログラミングの普及を目的として株式会社UEI株式会社ディーツーコミュニケーションズが共催する、JavaScriptベースのスマートフォン向けオリジナルゲームのコンテストです。 コンテストは5月1日から8月31日までの前期9月1日から12月31日までの後期に分かれており、それぞれの期間で優秀作品の発表を行います。 受賞作品の開発者には、賞品として最新モデルのMacBook ProまたはMacBook Airのほか、最優秀賞受賞者にはアメリカのサンフランシスコで行われる「Game Developers Conference」への視察旅行ツアーなど、豪華賞品が用意されています。

What is is a site used for receiving, displaying, and judging entries to game programming contests, and is at the same time a game sharing site for both posting games you have made for yourself and freely playing games others have submitted. Those 26 or older, or college students onward are free to upload games to the site, but we ask that all applicants to game contests double-check their eligibility prior to submission. Winners will be asked to provide proof of birth date or student status.

Before Submitting

利用規約・投稿規約FAQshould be read thoroughly before submitting games.
For reference: wise9: How to make a game for 9leap - the README

An Overview of The College Student Minigame Development Contest, 9leap

Contest Time Period

From May 1st to December 31st, 2011.

Submission Materials

A mini game developed with HTML5 and JavaScript that runs on smartphones (iPhone and Android)

Submission Requirements

Applicants to the contest must be residents of Japan, age 25 or younger, and must be a student (elementary school, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, 2-year school, combined undergraduate + vocational, or technical school)


The two contest periods (5/1-8/31 and 9/1-12/31) will be judged separately, and results will be announced approximately one month after the last day of each period.
Game developers of the winning games will be presented with the following prizes:

Excellence Award15inch MacBook Pro OR
13inch MacBook Air * (5 winners)
Honorable Mention Bookstore Giftcard for ¥5,000 (10 winners)
Incentive Award (indicating a high level of potential)Original Goods

*As the prizes will be the newest models available when winners are assigned, the possibility exists that they may change to whatever is newest at the time.
Those winners desiring a Windows machine may elect to receive one instead.

Top Prize

In the middle of January (2012), the three Top Prize winners will be announced, and the developer of each game (or one representative, if the game was submitted as a group) will be flown to Game Developers Conference 2012 for an attendance/observation tour from March 5th-9th.


Submission Theme

Application Method

The contest may be applied to via the application form on There is no limit to the number of games a user may submit for the contest.


Together with the sponsorship of the game contest and release of, we've also released enchant.js, our JavaScript and HTML5-based game engine designed for creating games for smartphone browsers. For more details, please see the press release (Japanese only). UEI Releases HTML5/JavaScript-based Game Engline Enchant.js for Making Smartphone Games
Download enchant.js from here (github)

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